Third-Party Billing Information

Q: Who Is The "Third-Party"?
A: You are considered the first party. Grantely Fire & EMS Ambulance Service is the second party. Your insurance company or Medicare is the "Third-Party".

Q: What is Third-Party Billing?
A: It is the most common way doctors, hospitals, and ambulance services are paid for services rendered to people like yourself. In most cases, insurance companies reimburse up to 80% of charges for service.

Q: Why Should I Be a Subscriber To The Grantley Fire & EMS Compnay Ambulance Service If My Insurance Will Pay 80% of My Bill?
A: If residents did not subscribe to the ambulance service membership, there would not be enough money to purchase and maintain the ambulances and other life saving emergency equipment.

Q: How Does Third-Party Billing Work?
A: Every time one of our subscribers uses the ambulance for 911 emergency service, Grantley Fire & EMS will submit a bill directly to the insurance company or Medicare. By obtaining funds this way, we will be able to keep the subscription rates very low and still provide the highest quality emergency ambulance service possible. Even if an insurance company will not make payment, subscribers will not be charged for the ambulance service.

Q: What Am I Billed If I Am Not A Subscriber To The "Ambualnce Club"?
A: Non-subscribers will be billed $600 or more for each emergency ambulance trip.

If you have questions for our Third-Party Billing Agency (Cornerstone Adminisystems), please visit them online:
Email and phone number contact information located at this website.