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Grantley Fire Company was first organized in 1926. The first meeting of the proposed fire company
for the Grantley, Country Club and Violet Hill districts was held in the Grantley School building at
7:45 p.m., March 26, 1926, with W.W. Van Baman acting as chairman. The chairman pointed out the
main features which should be followed by the new organization and explained the steps necessary
to secure a charter. He then read the proposed charter which he had prepared. At the meeting, the following officers were elected:

President: W.C. Throne First Vice President: Francis Farquhar Second Vice President: John Senft Secretary: J.J. Rudisill Asst. Secretary: C.S. Pressel Treasurer: A.H. Geesey Financial Secretary: John A. Lehr The name "Grantley Fire Company" was proposed by William Strine and unanimously adopted.Two sites were considered as location for the building, one at the intersection of Grantley & Ludlow, and the other at the intersection of Virginia and Ludlow. It was decided at the meeting that the trustees procure an option from Harry Fritz on for the plot of
ground at Virginia and Ludlow which was valued at $1,600.

2022 Administrative Officers
President – John Dommel
Vice President – Vacant
Treasurer – Vacant
Financial Secretary – Rob Bissey
Recording Secretary – Jackie Dommel
Membership Secretary – Bonnie Shilke
Chaplain – Fred Shilke
Trustee - Paul Grubbs
Trustee - Jeff LeCates
Trustee - Vacant

2020 Line Officers
Operations Manager – Joe Myers
Ambulance Captain – Kim Lindner
Ambulance Lieutenant - Vacant
Volunteer District Fire Chief – Paul Grubbs

G r a n t l e y  A L S  P r o g r a m ::
Staff Email Directory ::
Kim Lindner EMS Captain. klindner@grantleyfire.com click-here to email
EMS Operations Manager :: Joe Myers, EMT-B | jmyers@grantleyfire.com | click-here to email

ALS Services Governance Directors ::
John Dommel, RN
Paul Grubbs, EMT-B
Joe Myers, EMT-B

Webmaster ::
Thomas K. Gibson