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Grantley & YAUFR

YAUFR Relife Support
Paul Grubbs, EMT-B and Fire Chief of Grantley Fire & EMS, received a Relief check from YAUFR on 11/17/15 in the amount
of $36,000. The attached photo is of Paul Grubbs accepting the check from John Fulmer, Spring Garden Twp. Commissioner.
click-here for photo

2017 Administrative Officers
President John Dommel
Vice President Robert Senft
Treasurer Rachel Cannon
Financial Secretary Rob Bissey
Recording Secretary Jackie Dommel
Membership Secretary Gina Henry
Chaplain Fred Shilke
Trustee - Paul Grubbs
Trustee - Robert Gundlach
Trustee - Jeff LeCates

2017 Line Officers
Operations Manager Joe Myers
Ambulance Captain Kim Lindner
Ambulance Lieutenant - open
Volunteer District Fire Chief Paul Grubbs