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Grantley & YAUFR

YAUFR Relief Support
Paul Grubbs, EMT-B and Fire Chief of Grantley Fire & EMS, received a Relief check from Pennsylvania’s Foreign Fire Tax fund on 11/17/15 in the amount
of $36,000. The attached photo is of Paul Grubbs accepting the check from John Fulmer, Spring Garden Twp. Commissioner.
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2019 Administrative Officers
President – John Dommel
Vice President – Robert Senft
Treasurer – Rachel Cannon
Financial Secretary – Rob Bissey
Recording Secretary – Jackie Dommel
Membership Secretary – Gina Henry
Chaplain – Fred Shilke
Trustee - Paul Grubbs
Trustee - Robert Gundlach
Trustee - Jeff LeCates

2019 Line Officers
Operations Manager – Joe Myers
Ambulance Captain – Kim Lindner
Ambulance Lieutenant - open
Volunteer District Fire Chief – Paul Grubbs